How To Use My List Xpress
The Graph: In the Personal By Freq. tab above, click on any bar in the graph above to list only those personal sweeps with that enter frequency. To return to listing all, just right-click on any row and select List All My Sweeps.
Exclusions: Click on either the Types To Include or Categories To Include tabs above and select which sweepstakes types and/or prize categories to include (Yes) in or exclude (No) from the Xpress listing.
For More Info: Click on any row in the grid other Sweepstakes Name to display more details of the selected item.
To Sort Info: You can sort the grid by (left) clicking on any column header. Each click on the header will alternate between sorting in an ascending order and a descending order.
To See Notes: You can click on any cell in the Notes column and all of the notes for that sweep will appear below the grid.
To Do More: You can right-click on any row and open a menu that will let you view the traditional sweep listing or do a variety of other things.
For Speed: To increase speed and preserve your system's resources, remove the sweeps you are only going to enter once from your personal sweeps once you have entered them.