There are a number reasons why people enter sweepstakes and contests. They do it for relaxation, fun, to keep occupied and, most importantly, to win things. In sweeping, as in all things, there are winners and losers. The information here will help you understand what it takes to become a winner. This is to say that the following steps will maximize your chances of winning big.

  1. You have to play to win! . You cannot win if you don't play and playing means entering sweeps. You need to enter as many sweeps as you can as often as you can without getting tired, frustrated or burned out. Most successful sweepers will tell you they enter a lot of contests every day but not so many that they encounter burnout.

  2. To win, you must be disciplined and persistent. Sweepstakes and contests are a matter of chance where the odds of your winning any single contest are small. To overcome these low odds, you have to endure or persist in the face of losing and enter a lot of contests. Everyone will have "dry spells" where they don't win anything and you can expect it. Sometimes, these dry spells can last for months or even up to a year. You cannot let these dry spells affect you. To win, you have to be in it for the longer term and maximize your entries. Doing so will require some discipline on your part. Don't give up if you encounter a prolonged period of not winning anything.

  3. Think of sweeping as a craft. Winning at most anything requires knowledge and experience. Although it has happened, you should not expect to be a winner right out of the gate. Rather, you need to learn how things work and become an expert at using the many tools available to you here on this site. The most important of these tools is the My List function, which only has. Learn to use it, as well as the other tools, and become proficient. Read through all of Bigsweeps 101 and don't be afraid to ask questions or use the available FAQ support.

  4. Don't get suckered into mainly entering high value prize sweeps. In sweeping, as in baseball, the big winners are those who go after and get the base hits (i.e., smaller wins) rather than just trying to knock one out of the park (i.e. the big win). We have had a good number of high value (e.g. cars, houses, new kitchens, motorcycles, complete set of appliances, etc.) winners over the years; however, these same people tend to focus on the smaller value sweeps. Remember, the higher the ARV (Approximate Retail Value), the more people are likely to enter and the lower your chances of winning will be. Spending the majority of your sweeping time on things with greatly lower odds is not a winning strategy.

  5. Follow the rules! You need to follow the rules carefully regarding how, when and how often you enter. For any given sweep you want to enter, enter as often as you can but always stay within the limits of what is allowed in terms of frequency, hours, locations, use of mechanical means, etc. Violating the rules can get you disqualified or, in some instances, banned from the sweep sponsor's site.

  6. Use all the tools at your disposal. was designed by and for winners. The principal designers were some of the biggest winners in the history of sweeping, one of which went on to become a top executive in the field of internet marketing. One of the most critical important tools is the My List function. Take the time to learn it as well. Also look into relevant third-party utilities such as browser auto-fill functions and the RoboForm application. Finally, be aware that some sweepstakes sponsors and administrators now watch for mechanical entries and will disqualify you. It is often stated in the rules & regulations that automated entries generated by a script or any other mechanism will be disqualified. It is important to note auto-fill and RoboForm entries are generally not considered to be automated entries.

  7. Develop a routine and stick to it Here are some simple tips for establishing a routine that will increase your chances of winning.
    • Pick your sweeps, the ones you are interested in doing (by prize category, type, ARV or whatever criteria)
    • Enter the one-time sweeps and let them go (do not add them to your personal sweeps folders - they'll just clutter up your folders)
    • Add the daily, weekly, etc. sweeps to your personal folder and use the check box every time you enter them.
    • Use the My List function to religiously enter your personal sweeps every day!
    • Remove expired sweeps from your personal My Sweeps folders on a daily basis.
    • Don't get discouraged - some of our most prolific winners had to wait 6 - 9 months to win their first sweep but have since won huge prizes (i.e., cars, boats, etc)
If you have any other questions or suggestions we can add to our "Sweepstakes 101" page, please let us know by sending us an EMAIL.