There are two, possibly three, key sweeps-related settings in your user profile, which is reached when you click the "My Account" link in the upper left corner of the header. An explanation of each follows.
1. The first key setting, shown below, is for the number of sweeps that will be load at any one time when a particular day, category or type of sweep is selected. Select the number that best fits the speed of your internet connection, lower for slower or higher for faster.
2. The second key setting is the exclusion setting, shown below. If you set this to the state or region (e.g., Canada) that you live in, Bigsweeps will automatically exclude those sweeps that are prohibited in your state or region. This is a global setting that will affect all sweeps listings except those in "Latest Additions" (for now).
3. A potential third key setting is the email option, shown below. There is one option that will allow you to select and receive weekly notices of new sweeps by category. There is more on this in the section entitled Getting New Sweep Notification Emails
  • YES-LIMITED: Send Me Only Important Notices - Select this if you want to be able to communicate with is regarding problems and issues and receive (very few) notices of important changes to the site.
  • YES-SPECIAL: Send Me Notices & New Sweeps Info - Select this if you want to receive important notices as with the first option and receive weekly updates of new sweeps that have been added.
  • NO-NEVER: Don't Ever Send Me Email - Select this if you wish to never receive any email from us. If you select this option, our support people cannot respond to any questions or issues you might have.If you need support, you will have to opt-in for the time you need it.