Another way we organize our sweeps is by prize category. When we Q/A (Quality Assure) and validate a newly-entered sweep, we assign a prize category and subcategory to each of the sweep's prize levels.
There are several key points to be made about viewing or listing your sweeps by prize category:
  1. Prize category trees like the one to the left appear in "Sweepstakes/By Category" and "Sweepstakes/My Sweeps" menu picks.

  2. The numbers after each category or subcategory indicate the number of sweeps therein.

  3. Clicking on a category will list all of the sweeps in that category.

  4. Clicking on a subcategory will list only those sweeps in that category's subcategory.

  5. A particular sweep can have up to four category/subcategorys, one category for grand prize, a second for first prize, a third for second prize and a fourth category for other prizes.

  6. The sweeps category tree shown on the left operates just like a windows explorer tree.
Prize categories are most useful when you trying to win particular things you need or want.