1. Sweeps should be kept as personal or in "My Sweeps" when they are ones you are actively working and tracking. In this way, they are kept separate from all the rest so you can (a) enter them as often as is allowed and (b) keep track of when and where winners will be announced. Adding a sweep is as easy as clicking on the greyed-out file cabinet icon, as shown below. Note: Clicking does not automatically enter you in the sweep.
2. Once kept as personal, a sweep's file cabinet icon is no longer greyed out and appears as shown below, regardless of where you are in the site. To remove the sweep from your personal folders, simply click the icon again and it will be instantly removed. Note: The same concept and icons apply to Deals and FYI/Forums, as well as sweeps. That is to say there are similar "My Deals" and "My Forums" folders to keep track of the particular deals and/or forums you are interested in.
3. To access your personal sweeps, click on "My Sweeps" under the "Sweepstakes" menu, which is shown below.
4. Your personal sweeps are cataloged in folders by prize category and subcategory, as shown in the illustration below. Clicking on any category or subcategory will list all of your personal sweeps therein. There is also an "All Personal Sweeps" folder that, when clicked, will list all of your personal sweeps. You can list active or expired personal sweeps by selecting the appropriate tab above the tree.
  You should note in the illustration above that the sum of the sweeps in various category folders (i.e., 12) is greater than the count of all the personal sweeps (i.e., 10). This is because a single sweep can have multiple prizes (i.e., grand, first, second, etc.) and, as a result, multiple prize categories.