Understanding & Using The My List Grid
A. Once you have one or more personal sweeps (by clicking on the grey file cabinet icon), going to Sweepstakes/My List will get you a list of those sweeps where you can more quickly perform a number of functions. You can only use this function with Internet Explorer or Firefox if you have Java installed and enabled. Also, the more personal sweeps you have, the longer the grid list may take to load.
B. The list grid can perform a variety of things for you. Among these are:
  1. You can sort the grid by (left) clicking on any column header. Each click on the header will alternate between sorting in an ascending order and a descending order.
  2. You can resize any column by mousing over the end boundry, clicking and dragging. The size will remain until you refresh the page.
  3. You can click on the link in the sweepstake name column to open a window to that sweep.
  4. The Type column will show you if it is a sweep by displaying My Sweep or a contest by displaying My Contest.
  5. You can click on any cell in the Notes column and all of the notes for that sweep will appear below the grid.
  6. You can right-click on any row and open a menu that will let you view the traditional sweep listing or do a variety of other things.
  7. Using Ctrl-Click, you can select multiple sweeps rows, open the windows to them all at once and then all, of some, of them as being entered all at once.
C. As shown above, the grid will list all your personal sweeps at once. You can then perform a number of function by right-clicking on any row and selecting from one of the menu options that appears. These menu option provide you with a variety of options for quickly listing any new sweeps that were added today or yesterday, adding or removing personal sweeps, listing only your favorite sweeps or viewing the standard listing of any single sweep, which opens up an area below the list, as shown in the next illustration.
D. The primary advantage of the list grid is the ability to work with multiple sweeps at one time. You can Ctrl-click on sweep rows to select multiple sweeps at one time. Next, you can press the Open Selected Sweeps button to open all selected in separate window at one time. The number of window you can have open at time without locking up your browser is dependent upon the power of your system. Start small and work up. Once you have entered all of the selected sweeps, you can press the Mark All Selected As Entered button and have them all marked as entered in one step. Once marked, the cells in the last entered date and entries columns will be updated and turn green. If, for any reason, you cannot enter one of the selected sweeps, simply deselect it (by Ctrl-clicking on the row) before pressing the button. This is shown in the next illustration.
E. Using the My List function will give you increased daily efficiency in entering your sweeps once you start adding personal sweeps. A typical power user might likely adopt the following daily discipline:
  1. Go to the My List function, right-click on any row for the menu and then select Show All Today Not In My Sweeps to show all the sweeps that are not in your personal sweeps.

  2. Once you have the new sweeps listed, right-click the ones you want to add to your personal sweeps (e.g. most often those with a enter frequency greater than 1) and select Add To My Sweeps from the menu that will appear. When you do that, the word Sweep in the first column for that row will change to My Sweep.

  3. Once all of the new sweeps are added to your personal list, right-click on any row and selectShow Only My Sweeps to list only the ones you want to work on.

  4. Use CTRL-click to select all the once-only and other sweeps you will only enter once and then press the Open Selected Sweeps button. Windows will open for all of those sweeps and you can enter them as you please. We recommend you keep the number of rows you selected to work on small, so processing completion isn't interrupted by some internet or server glitch. Most of our power users keep the number of rows selected at any one time under 25.

  5. Once entered, press the Mark All Selected As Entered button. If you cannot, for any reason, enter a particular sweep or contest at this tim, just deselect it before pressing the Mark All Selected As Entered button. You deslect a row the same way you selected it - by doing a CTRL-click on that row.

  6. After finishing with the sweeps you wanted to enter but didn't want to add to your personal sweeps list, right-click on any row and select Show Only My Sweeps from the menu.

  7. Once the grid lists all your "My Sweeps", CTRL-click to select all the sweeps that are due to be entered today and enter and mark them done in the same fashion as before.
  8. Get rid of any sweeps on the list that you are done with by right-clicking on the row and then selecting Remove From My Sweeps.
F. Updates and Revisions
  1. 12/05/2008 A new Alerts column was added that lists any/all alerts for that sweep. Pr is for Product Review, S is for a survey and M is for membership.