PURPOSE: The primary purpose of the hidden sweep function is to essentially "discard" or hide from view any sweep that either (a) you are not interested in or (b) is a once-only sweep you have entered and don't want to be bothered with any more. When you hide a sweep, it is only hidden for you. Others can still see it or choose to hide if from their view.
1. When you press the Hide Sweep link in a sweep listing, the sweep will disappear and be replaced by grey indicator or placeholder like the one below
2. The hidden sweep placeholder has a Unhide Sweep link that, when clicked, will trigger an alert message and cause the placeholder to look like this:
3. Once set to unhidden, the full sweep listing will appear the next time the particular sweep listing is refreshed, through whatever function.
4. Hidden sweeps will persist (stay) in that state for as long as they exist and appear as place holders in virtually all of you sweeps functions, as shown in the illustration below.
5. Note that you can add a sweep to your personal "My Sweeps" folders, hide it and it will appear as a hidden placeholder in your personal sweeps.