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If you choose to use a Reciprocal Link, just copy the code below and paste it onto a web page that receives daily traffic.

If you are a business entity and chose to not provide a reciprocal link back, there will be a business/advertising donation charge of $50 for us to list your sweep. Just select which method of reciprocity you choose to let us know. If your sweep is approved by our sweep editors, you will be informed (via email to the email address you registered with) and asked to make a donation payment of $40 through PayPal. Please be advised that our sweep editors do not generally approve sweeps from blogs or sweeps with a low ARV (e.g., less than $50). If unapproved and you have already payed, your donation will be refunded. Also, if this is your company's first listing with us, there will be a $50 fee for us to check out your website and add it to our sponsor database. We do this to protect our users from spam, junk and blog sites. In any case, failure to comply to these rules results in no listing.

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