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How Can We Help You?
There are a number of resources available to provide help and support for you. These are listed below.
I Forgot My Password: Click on the link to the left if you have forgotten your password and need us to send it to you.
Frequently Asked Questions: Clicking on the link to the left will take you to a compendium of frequently asked questions and answers. We recommend you begin here.
The Forum: The forums are another good place to find information and get help with a specific problem or issue. Click on the link to the left to go the forums.
Support Request: If you have a technical problem or issue with the site, don't hesitate to fill out a support request. Most support requests are handled within 24 hours.
Bigsweeps 101: If you are new to this site and/or new to sweepstaking, there is detailed information for you here on how to best use this site to your advantage.