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Donor/Subscriber Benefits has the most extensive list of advanced tools and features of any sweepstakes site, a number of which are only available to donor subscribers. A few of these are listed below.

  • No cheap, spammy or junky sweepstakes
  • Extensive how-to and support information
  • Friendly and helpful forums where politics is disallowed
  • Basic and advanced sweepstakes listings
  • Powerful search functions
  • The most complete prize classification anywhere
  • Extensive sorting and classification of listings
  • Ability to bookmark sweeps as favorites
  • Personal "My Sweeps" and "My Sweeps To Do" listings
  • Calendar of sweepstakes events
  • Ability to exclude sweepstakes not valid in your state
  • Ability to exclude certain catgegories of sweepstakes
  • Ability to add sweepstakes
  • Ability to post both public and private sweep notes
  • Ability to read and review public sweep notes
  • Listings show invividual and total ARV
  • Ability to hide sweeps you are done with (premium only)
  • Ability to read problem reports (premium only)
  • Weekly email listing of new sweeps by preferred prize categories (premium only)
  • Powerful grid functions for high-power entry (premium only)
  • Ability to export sweeps listings for printing or spreadsheet (premium only)
  • Ability to add sweeps under ARV minimum (premium only)
  • Forum functions with advanced edit capabilities (premium only)
  • Database of bad or spurious sites for screening
  • Database of all sweep sponsors for validity checking
  • Targeting function for improved efficiency
To become a donor subscriber, go to Donor Subscriptions, where you can subscribe via PayPal or by mail.